Six Sutble Bar & Bat Mitzvah Suggestions for Ideal Results

We have ‘Six Subtle Suggestion’s for ideal results in your Bar & Bat Mitzvah photographs!
Below are photographs of how a small subtle adjustment will make a big difference in your photographs.



Men/Boy’s Blazers: For a clean distinguished look, men should button blazers during formal photographs with family and extended family.


Tallis Folding:  If possible, Tallis should be steamed prior to formal photographs in the sanctuary. It is best to fold the Tallis in half or along the original crease lines. The Tallis should be gently draped and neatly presented over the shoulders of the individual wearing their pray shawl. They also commonly have an artistic motif, (also called Atarah or crown), along the top long end and that part should go along the neck.


Feet Placement: Being conscience of our feet placement during formal photographs. For men, it is always best to stand with feet together or slightly apart. For women, it is best to stand one foot towards the camera in a heel to arch placement. Also know as, “The Red Carpet placement,” plus who doesn’t want to show off their fabulous shoes?


Hora/Sitting for Women: Women and girls while sitting should cross their legs at the ankles. Especially during the Hora and if they’re wearing knee length dresses.


Lighting: DJ lighting is great and lends a very cool vibe during your reception. Just beware of the type of lighting you have included in your package. Make sure to discuss with the DJ or your entrainment company what type of lighting they will be using during your event. Laser lighting and dot lights will affect your dancing photographs. We suggest having these lights within reason, but request they be turned off during important formalities, such as your candle lighting, hora or speeches. Photo retouching squiggles and dots off of faces will add up when considering photographs for your final formal album.


Reception Toasts: Request that your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah be given their glass at the end of your toasts. This allows for amazing photographs of your child’s reaction to your toast.


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