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The best perks of our job is learning about people, businesses and fashion. That’s exactly what happened when Karenann Lettiere Styling joined us in the studio for an afternoon photo shoot. “Karenann  is the catalyst to help you get more money and market share by helping you feel uniquely powerful, confident, and put together through your wardrobe.” (Karenannlettiere.com)

We have worked with Karenann, as a stylist, on a recent photo shoot with Saks Fifth Avenue. Her inspiration and styling drive personality and confidence. However for this photo shoot she was the stylist and subject.

Photographs were concepted to work for brand identity for website, social media and video marketing.

For more information about Karenann Lettiere Styling visit her website here.

















“AMC Photography Studios offered an incredibly fantastic experience. In my line of work, everything is about the visual.  Styling for a client for every day, a gala, or boardroom is about empowering them with confidence through wardrobe.  My expertise has to be documented through photographs, and I felt Ann Marie delivered an unbelievably outstanding representation through her impressive images.   

Our project was multi-faceted: from prep time, the actual shoot, and the turn-around.  Leading up to the shoot, Ann Marie was sensible, organized and strategic in making plans to secure accurate images.  She was always on time, and executed her work at the shoot in a professional manner. The edits and turn-around were thoughtfully done with phenomenal precision.

Overall, Ann Marie is technically advanced with the camera, always understanding the effects of lighting and how to capture the right shot.  She cared about my goals and had great follow through.  Working with such a professional gave me confidence.  She afforded me the opportunity to concentrate on my work and to leave the photographic details to the expert.  I’m genuinely excited to work with her again, and wholeheartedly recommend her services.” – Karenann Lettiere

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