DIY – Ten Tips for Your Perfect Family Photo

 DIY Tricks-Of-The-Trade To Insure You Get Your Perfect Holiday Photos

The holidays can be filled with wonderful food, sharing funny family stories and if you are lucky catching a post-meal nap. Of course sometimes within the middle of all this family warmth and cheer comes the dreaded “picture time.” You feel compelled to capture these family moments. Photos you will pull out years from now and make fun of your husband’s sweater, your hair style or your uncle’s funny mustache.

AMC Photography Studios is a professional photography studio in Bryn Mawr which specializes in Event and Commercial Photography. They understand the stress of trying to capture those perfect pictures for a group or business. The photographers offer the following ‘Ten Suggestions’ to make sure that you get the ideal photos. “It’s really is simple”, says Ann Marie Casey, Principal Photographer “it comes down to planning and patience.”

  1. Organization: Determine in advance what photographs you want to capture. Create a plan for the order of photos to be taken.
  2. Location: Scout out your location prior to your photo session. Look for settings you would like in your photo(s) as backgrounds.


  1. Color Palette: Gone are the days of the uniformed family in white polo shirts and jeans. Select a color palette of complementary colors for your family attire.
  2. Lighting: While scouting your location watch the time for the best natural light. When photographing outdoors overcast days and evenings “the golden hour” are usually the most flattering of natural lighting for photos.


  1. Poses & Props: Sites such as Pintrest have become a great resource for collecting ideas and a foundation to help you create your own unique photo inspirations.
  2. Camera: The day before your gathering make sure your camera battery is charged. Make sure you also pack any accessories, such as flash and/or tripod.


  1. Large Family Groups: For a very large group, even with good planning, it can be a challenge to see everyone. One solution is to elevate yourself so you are a bit above the group looking down at an angle at everyone. Also tier family with some relatives sitting, taller individuals standing and little ones can knell on the sides or in front.
  2. Take Charge: Take control of the situation. You need one person in charge to direct the group. Don’t let the family get you flustered, with planning and organization you everyone will be ready for the perfect photo. If you have little ones… coming prepared with some “bribing” collateral never hurts. Goldfish anyone?


  1. Focus: There is nothing worse then achieving your plan and seeing your results are out of focus. Most digital cameras today have face detection software, but if you are using manual or an SLR make sure your settings are set accordingly so everyone is in focus.
  2. Have Fun: Most important ingredient is to HAVE FUN, SMILE, LAUGH, HUG and be GENUINE to who you are as a family. Some of the best family photographs are the ones where “it” happens and you look at your photograph with a smile and say, “Now that’s my family!”


“Take some time to plan out your photos and you will find it reduces a lot of the stress in capturing those family moments, ” says Ann Marie. “We hope everyone has a great and photo filled holiday season!”

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